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Look Them in the Eye

By Dario L. Jaramillo – Joseph D. Spadaro

Look Them In The Eye


Scene No.




NYC…and Fluxr.


People looking at people with eyes covered with rectangular black boxes animated as they walk through the city.


When they talk to each other eyes appear in the black rectangle “eye boxes” pixilated with eyes from many different people. 


People continue to walk though the city as robotic and cold as possible not looking at each other as our character Ms Miss tries vainly to reach out to someone.


She walks erratically around the city colliding blindly against a huge glass panel breaking it with her face…

“Eye boxes” highlighted.


…into a million different fragments of fire/ice.


…entering through a wall of pixilated fire/ice into a new dimension: a game world. Ms Miss is inside of a game with gaming looking characters in a 3D environment.


A game starts where Ms Miss tries to escape the city with different clues given by the Fluxr members


...as they jam on a roof top above the city at magic hour.


Each encounter by Ms Miss is a challenge and threat to her security...


...she gets into the transit system which carries her off into different adventures...


...and 3 D environments.


As Fluxr jams in the background.




Directed by Dario J

Visual EFX by Joe S


Look Them in the Eye

Copyright © Jaramillo-Spadaro 2006

Storyboard, photos and concept by Dario L. Jaramillo - Pencil drawings by Joseph D. Spadaro

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